Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soma Rush completed

All I need now is some decent weather. I picked up a bunch of parts from ebay on a recent trip to the US.

A friend gave me a set of purple Aerohead rims a few years ago (I wonder why?) I laced the front up to an old Record hub (also donated), and the rear to a fixed/fixed Formula. It was brilliant to true them through the fork, as looking through the steer tube made it extremely easy to dial them in perfectly.

Setting it up to measure the fork (and with the tubulars I will sometimes use).

Finally finished. I ended up cutting the fork a bit longer than I had expected, but better too long than too short.

I found an S6 headset cheaper than I could find an S2--- unfortunately it was brown, rather than the advertised black (on ebay). For what I paid, I cannot complain.

I chose a road setup to stay compatible with the chain rings I have already collected on my other two fixed bikes.

With a steel fork, pedals, and everything, it weighs in at 8 KG.

It will never be this clean again-- especially after a Stavanger winter.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bike progress

The Rush is coming together. I laced up a wheel yesterday, and tossed a few parts on tonight. All I need to do is cut the fork, add the chain, and away I go.

Returned from US trip

Our trip to the US was marked by a few odd events: an emergency landing on the way to San Francisco (some poor guy had a heart attack), followed by a strike at the hotel where I was staying (they banged on drums, blew horns, and yelled through bullhorns to disturb guests--- almost around the clock). Then Julian came down with chicken pox. Aside from all that, the trip was excellent, and it was wonderful to see friends and family again.