Friday, March 28, 2008

Always Read the Fine Print

I don't normally support mendicants, however, in this case, I received value for my dollar--- this brilliant photo. Taken in Boston: home of MIT and Harvard. God loves them all.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in Boston

I have gone local. A family of Brits actually asked me for directions today as I was heading out to eat. Fortunately, they were looking for the street where my hotel is located, so I gave them exact directions. Any other street and I would have been clueless.

As bad as the whether is here, it is better than both Minneapolis and Stavanger. It looks like it is 6 below back home--- which is uncharacteristically cold!

Work here is going well. I went to the bank to deposit a check for $100K. You have no idea how complicated that turned out to be. Good thing I didn't ask for cash.

Julian has exploded in development lately. While he could already take a few steps, he could not yet stand up on his own, without holding onto something. Now he can stand anywhere--- and walk anywhere. Our lives will never be the same!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Lens

I picked up a cheap 50 mm Canon lens--- that is somehow much sharper than the kit lens.

Even More Snow

"How I spent my spring break...."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Real Camera

Image 154, originally uploaded by filtersweep.

My father dug out his parents' camera, a 30's era, art decoish folding Kodak. It is actually in quite good shape, as is the user's manual. The box has seen better days. It is difficult to believe this was the bleeding edge of technology at one point-- at least for consumer grade cameras. It is fully manual, meaning you have to guess for both the shutter speed and aperture settings--- no built in metering at all. Of course there were no provisions for using any sort of flash. I wonder what sort of antiques today's digital cameras will be--- 70 years in the future. Will they have some sort of cool "turn of the century" cachet?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break

And I see more snow that I have seen in years.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

On Our Way Back

We are heading back to the Twin Cities--- this time with Julian. Somehow, I don't think this will be the same old routine that is all too familiar.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I don't know why this word drives me so crazy-- it is just a word. It is, however, a bit unusual to have a word the denotes only the female gender of a particular category. While we have waiter/waitress, actor/actress, steward/stewardess, etc., what exactly is the opposite of a "coed"? Furthermore, there are more women than men enrolled in college, rendering "coed" as something of an anachronism.

In today's usage, I really care less about the gender politics of language and more about the lurid qualities of the word "coed." It is STILL used in modern media. It seems like dirty old man-speak--- like something out of a 50s pulp novel. In keeping this blog semi-respectable, I spare you the NSFW* direct link, but if you want an eyeful, try a GIS** of "coed." I don't know how far down in the ranking you need to dig before you find one with her clothes on. I could see the word mildly having its place as more women entered academic institutions, yet it still seems unduly associated with crime blotters.

Seriously, who actually uses this word in casual conversation?

*NSFW= not suitable for work
**GIS= google image search

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In the Press

I am not particularly political, but every time I do anything remotely political it ends up in the press. Back in college, I ended up on the CBS Evening News when my roommates dragged me to a young Republicans event-- where we heckled Pete Dupont. Our involvement was heavily edited to make us look like complete idiots (I am still standing by that story). It was good for a few free beers later that evening.

Last night I went to a local Democrats Abroad event--- mainly to rub shoulders with some fellow Americans. A reporter and photographer stopped by to interview us, and we ended up in the paper. My head can be clearly seen in the photo. Fortunately, we did not spend too much time on politics, but rather socialized generally. I was rated as "friend-worthy" since I am married to a Norwegian. There is some super-secret expat club made of half and half couples. We are more desirable as friends than the completely American couples who work in the oil business--- they are generally just passing through for a few years, and have no real commitment to the community. I met a really cool younger couple (as in our age) and several interesting people detached from their spouses for the evening, as was I. Lise was home with Julian.

Perhaps the most incredible part of the evening was as we made introductions, when I said I was from Minneapolis, a woman mentioned she had been there. It turned out she was related to my high school basketball coach from my hometown in Iowa, and had visited him there on a few occasions. Her maiden name was the same as his last name. It is truly a small world.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The View

Behind our house you can see across the fjord to Dalesnutten. I generally take it for granted, since it is just a big hill, and relative to the sites around here, it is no big deal. The new camera does it a bit more justice.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

General Updates

I am still commuting on my fixed gear--- the part I ordered is STILL not in. As long as it stays above freezing, I will make it to work. It shouldn't be much of an issue. We are heading to the US in a week, and I will be away three weeks-- a little over two of them with Julian and Lise. I will then work out of Boston for a week. April I will spend a week in Oslo, and in May I will head to India for a week. June we will spend a week for family vacation in Spain. July? Who knows--- paint the house?

I am very much looking forward to our trip next week. I hope Julian travels well. Then again, he will probably manage better than me.

New Camera Fun