Friday, October 16, 2009

New arrival

Ebay! From USA--- something is a bit fishy with the postage. I purchased this through an ebay store--- since it was only $70 for shipping-- from the US. Actual shipping on the box was a bit over $50?!? My guess is they printed their own label based on weight, and the post office never caught on. I tried shipping a bike here when I moved, and it was well over $300-- since it was oversized. Anyway-- I don't care. I cannot buy anything like this locally right now. The same frame is cheaper on Speedgoat but costs much more in shipping.

It is exactly what I wanted-- track geometry, no unnecessary braze-ons, bosses, or cable stops, a size that fits, steel, and lightweight. Now I just need to build it up. Frame looks in good shape-- no need to chase, face, or ream anything (I hope!).

It amazed me that USPS parcel tracking tracked this right to my door---- in Norway! Sent an email when it arrived and everything.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Somewhere in suburban London

I arrived last night-- no idea where I am. It is strange hearing so many people speaking English. I was picked up at the airport by a driver holding a sign--- wearing a suit, driving a Mercedes. Hopefully I will hitch a ride with someone to Paddington.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gullkilden sucks

I will never do business with Gullkilden again. I purchased a gift for Lise's birthday at Gullkilden in Kvadrat, with the expectation it matched other jewelry that she already owned. I specifically asked if I could receive a refund if it did not match, and was assurred it would be no problem. Of course it did not match, so I returned it with the receipt two days later. I was only offerred in-store credit--- and was explained by a very adamant store clerk that they do not offer cash refunds (that it wasn't written on the receipt).

First of all, the receipt is issued AFTER purchase, so it is a bit dubious to use that as the basis for a return policy. Secondly, this simply cannot be legal. It was less than a week-- with the original receipt-- on an item in original condition (no engraving or anything). I am not particularly happy about this. Norway return policies are weak to begin with--- but this place has no return policy at all.

Time to revive this blog

I stumbled across a really cool article about track bike geometry written by Don Walker.