Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Suit That Fits

Last October I purchased two new suits before moving here. It was probably not a smart time to buy clothes, since I had been biking 40 miles a day on my commutes to work. Commuting in particular keeps me in the perfect cardio zone. My suits fit perfectly.

By Christmas, after having no gym membership, constant rain, dark days, and general ennui, they no longer fit so well. They still fit, but not like they did a few months earlier. I next wore them after returning from the first trip to India-- over May 17th. We had eaten at four star restaurants nonstop for a week. Again, the fit just wasn't there.

Yesterday, everything was back to normal.


Sparky Dog said...

Maybe I missed it, but you haven't mentioned anything about eating at restaurants there in Norway. Do they exist and if so, what do you enjoy... or is it really that different?

But then again, perhaps you just haven't had time.

filtersweep said...

Restaurants cost at least twice as much as in the US. A nice meal with a glass of wine can easily cost over $100 per person. Of course, you cannot drive home after the glass of wine, so you add a $60 taxi ride into the mix.

There are almost no chain restaurants, except for a few pizza places. When we do go out to eat, we make it a nice experience. There is one McDonalds and one Burger King and one Subway in the entire metro area. Fast food is not very popular here. For lunches, most businesses have cafeterias if they are in an office park.

We will go out to eat non-stop when we return to the US.