Saturday, September 23, 2006

Monster baby pram

(Barnevogn). I had my first run in with sticker shock for baby carriages. People take their baby carriages very seriously here in Norway. A base model Teutonia without any accessories starts at about $1000 for a new one. Last year's models are 25% off. But then you need the bags, including the bag for the baby. And they can cost another $500 to have the carriage 'properly' outfitted. It seems everyone has a carriage here in Norway, if they have babies at least. In the US, it seems that infants are rarely seen in public unless they are being carried from a car to a store. We ended up buying a two year old Teutonia used. It came with more bags then we know what to do with. Now we just need a baby to put in it.

I am painting so much that I have to dictate this blog to Lise. It is after 11pm and I'm still at it. Note from Lise: 'He is doing a fabulous job painting our living room'. I don't know what's come over me, but I wish I could bottle some of this energy for future use. Lise thinks it's the paint fumes. We finished the dining room in kiwi green, I think we can live with it. I am now applying 'sand' to the living room. But it looks more like a 'putty'. Special thanks goes to Lise for tolerating my ecclectic music collection.


Sparky Dog said...

ok, this post is funny as hell. It brings back memories of me having to repaint the same room 3 times within 2 days as my wife decided repeatedly that she did not like the color.

Good luck, and your carriages sound like a nightmare. Its weird what different cultures place value upon.

Anonymous said...

aliensporebomb here:
whoa, you trying to tell us the wife
is expecting or expecting to be
expecting at some point?

filtersweep said...

We will be in business right around Christmas, from the looks of everything.