Friday, October 27, 2006

"It Was So Windy...."

How windy was it?

It was so windy that the beam from my headlight wouldn't stay on the road.

It was so windy that I flew to work.

It was so windy that when I pulled into work, all the cars were blown into the SE corner of the parking lot.

It was so windy that people were commuting by umbrella.

It was so windy that I was already undressed when I arrived at work.

I seriously don't know what I was thinking when I decided to bike to work today. I have never crashed from wind, but came close. According to a Norwegian wind speed chart, it is "vanskelig å gå" today. Our house is protected by the hill from the wind. I could hear it last night-- non-stop, until we went to bed. The bedroom is on the lowest floor, opposite the wind. This morning I heard the gentle roar of the wind as I ate breakfast, but again, we are protected. It wasn't until I was outside and saw the carnage from the garbage man that had blown all over that I realized I might be in for an adventure. When I reached the forest at the top of the hill, the trees were singing and dancing. But hey, it least it wasn't raining!


Lectron said...

In a month time you might be able to add the word snow to that story :)

filtersweep said...

Unlikely (I hope). A coworker witness a cyclist get knocked down by the wind in the morning.

Wayne said...

Eric, you were right about the Raleigh - it was the BB making the racket. My neighbor is a student and used to be a wrench and he said the same thing. So I pulled it and tightened everything down good and snug - and no noise now! You'll have to try it again next time you're here.

filtersweep said...

Cool- It just didn't make sense that it made any noise at all.