Thursday, June 28, 2007

Coming Home

I have been to Boston, San Francisco, back to Boston, and am currently in Halifax. I am so tired. Everything is done. I miss Lise and Julian. I have spent almost three weeks living in hotels. I did manage to pick up a new track hub in Boston-- a decent Formula that actually looks nicer than my current hub. I need to build a rear wheel for a friend who will be visiting in July. I should give Sjur a call--- he is turning into a wheel building guru.

This trip has been fantastic from a business perspective. I will work a week or two, then take a proper vacation. I wish I could snap my fingers and wind up in my bed.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you had a successful business trip! Have a safe trip back to Norway!
Halifax and all Nova Scotia must be beautiful!
Jeg lærer norsk nå. Jeg vil reise til Norge i mai.
Conn., USA

Lectron said...

I'm going away for a couple of weeks now, but you're more than welcome to borrow a fixed/free set. I'm just about to put on tires.

And Millie. You might find the time to teach filtersweep some Norwegian :D

Anonymous said...

I wish someone could teach me Norwegian. I can read and write some in Norwegian but when it comes to speaking--I'm terrible.
However, lectron,jeg er sykepleier og kan undervise anatomy & fysiologi.

filtersweep said...

Special thanks goes to lectron for loaning some parts to the bike2 project! Have a great vacation.