Monday, July 09, 2007

Brain Donor

I purchased a 36 hole high flange track hub in Boston. Last night I disassembled a high flange Record/Fir rim, shined the used spokes and rim, and prepared to relace the wheel today. The flange and width were nearly identical, and I had a very nice set of double-butted DT spokes.

Tonight I started lacing up the wheel. I was through one side of the hub when I realized I had more spoke holes in the rim. I was sold a 32 hole hub. This would not work with a 36 hole rim!

I quickly disassembled a trashed old 105 hub laced to a nice Wobler rim. It was 32 holes- almost the same size as the Fir. I laced up a few rounds, and when I switched from lacing leading to trailing (or is that the other way around) some of the spokes magically were too short, while others were too long. I was completely baffled. I relaced it, in the event I started with the wrong key spoke. Same problem. I checked all the spokes to make sure they were the same length. They were. I tried other lacing options, but nothing worked. It was late. I was vexed.

As I was cleaning up the work area, it occurred to me. These are for a 36 hole hub/rim. There is no way they would work on a 32 hole rim. It was almost too obvious. Now I don't know what I will do. I if need to buy new spokes, I'd rather lace them to a better rim.

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