Sunday, September 09, 2007


We arrived home from Kvitsøy where we spent the night to find out the son of our neighbors across the street died in a motorcycle accident this morning. He was 27 years old. We would see him in the neighborhood quite regularly, although we never really knew him. We know his parents, however. It is a complete tragedy that makes no sense at all.

From appearances, the accident involved no other vehicles. It occurred less than a kilometer from here-- on the main road. It occurred very early in the morning, when presumably there was little traffic. I won't speculate what happened, other than to point out that it occurred in a construction area where the lanes have been rerouted-- resulting in a rather sharp, off-camber turn.

At first glance, it seems like there are a disproportionately high number of tragedies and accidents here. But in thinking it through, I believe there is more of a sense of community here than living in a city in the US. When we lived in Minneapolis, we barely knew any of our neighbors. The news was filled with tragedies-- involving complete strangers.

Our thoughts are with the family across the street. We have seen them coming and going through our window. I cannot imagine what they must be going through. It is unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

what co-incident.Today found out that my best girlfriend's nephew was killed in a car accident in my country-Lithuania. He was only 19,finished 1 year in college. Very very sad...I will say a prayer for families and friends
Millie, CT

Funknuggets said...

dude, sorry. Being close either in proximity or familiarity to tragedies have some of the same negative impacts.

Im curious, in the US there are some pretty customary things you do/say in people's time of grief...

How does it differ there?

filtersweep said...

It is the same as in the US--- and besides, what can you really say? We brought them flowers the other day, and tomorrow is the funeral.

There is a shrine of sorts at the accident site-- which is a construction zone. It really was very poorly marked, and now has all sorts of signs and reflectors around it. The road was a residential road, just a few blocks from home... not a place you expect a fatality. I almost believe the spot it cursed. A pedestrian was killed there about a year ago.