Saturday, October 13, 2007

That time of year again

Apologies for the lazy posting of random youtube videos. Things have been heating up at work again. I am heading back to the US in a few weeks, and might end up in Brazil. Much preparation needs to be done. I have been biking to work almost daily, and it is finally cold again, and growing dark much earlier. We had a heavy frost the other day.

In other news, Norway has published everyone's earnings for 2006. It bothers me that the government does this. The media goes nuts over who is the richest in the nation, the states, the cities-- like it is some sort of contest. I learned that one of twenty in Norway is a millionaire. That does not include real estate as an asset. I guess in our neighborhood it is more like one in ten. We should be in that category soon enough-- but when gasoline is heading to $150 per tank (in US dollars), a cheap new car is $40k, and a bag of groceries with almost nothing in it is $50, does it matter? We are preparing Julian's bedroom, and buying a little paint and a few brushes cost more than $300US. I believe the six pack of beer that I purchased cost $25-30 US. You can see there is nothing wrong with being in the merchant class. But back to the original point: it is nobody's business how much I earn or what my assets are. Then again, there are plenty of public employees who are in the same boat.


augiepete said...

As a US Federal employee, all you have to do is go to the OPM website and you can download all the paycharts. They even have it broken down to Locality Pay areas, and list the % increase added for cost of living in an area. Thank goodness I am not insecure about it...LOL!!! BTW got final approval on the new job, pay starts Sunday, Academy in January!!

augiepete said...

Correction, I am a Federal employee. Anyone can access the OPM site, and see who makes what. Pay grades are listed on EVERY US Gov't job posting.