Sunday, August 31, 2008

Almost Finished

I am almost finished painting the house. I only have the doors left. There really isn't much time to spare--- I head to Boston the end of next week, then it will probably rain the rest of the year after I return. I am not looking forward to this trip as much as some of my other trips. In early November I will be in San Diego-- which should be a better work trip.

Summer feels like it is almost over. It was almost cold when I rode to work on Friday. Wednesday I actually drove--- for the first time in recent memory. I took a half day off to be with Julian at the daycare. When I drove home after work, it was almost painful. Traffic was ridiculously slow--- all the way to the freeway, then on the freeway. I can literally bike in less time than driving. This time of year, schools are back in session and everyone is back to work. I am not missing anything by biking.

Friday night I hung out with a bunch of American expats--- the same group I met with in February. There is something nice about being around expats. It is a rather unique status. I would not otherwise be friends with any of these people.

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