Saturday, March 07, 2009

How NOT to make a burger

We ate out at a restaurant last night-- the four of us, along with my wife's family. I almost never order a burger when I eat out, but I had heard good things about the burgers where we were eating, and I wasn't feeling particularly creative. It was alleged to be American-style. When it arrived, my wife and I were both convinced they screwed up and served us lamb burgers--- there was an overpowering minty rosemary flavor to the meat, and the texture was unlike any burger I have ever consumed. Lise asked the server about it-- he claimed the meat was seasoned, but I am still convinced we ate the wrong species of mammal.

Regardless, it brings up an interesting point that was recently discussed over lunch at work--- how to make a perfect burger. I as asked as an American who should know how to grill. I offered by expert advice: use ground beef that is not too lean, pack into patties, salt, and grill. My coworkers were dumbfounded. It seemed each had some crazy "recipe" of adding all sorts of herbs, spices, and filler-- mixing in food processors, and so on. It could explain why I have never eaten a decent burger anywhere in Europe.

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