Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Photos

On the move, albeit very slowly. The Saipem 7000 is so huge, it has its own Wikipedia page. You would think with 76000 horsepower, it would be something of a speedboat. We passed quite closely on our ferry to Kvitsøy.

Earlier this week I took Julian out for a ride. He loved it. I think he was too young last year. I foresee many more rides together.

He insists on putting his cap on himself.

Eight weeks old, and exuding pure cuteness.


Jeff said...

Great photos.
I stumbled upon your blog looking for mountain bike info in Stavanger...I am moving to Stavanger with my family this august and was wondering if it is better to buy some new mountain bikes where we are rather than buying locally...unless you can recommend some good stores that can provide a good mid-range selections for adults (200-400 euros per bike).
Thanks, Jeff

American in Norway said...

Hey! I have been around before, but don't no much about bikes : ) (I really would like to get out there & bike more...this yesr FOOOR sure...)

Beautiful babies! looking forward to learn more about you...
a fellow American in Norway..