Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gullkilden sucks

I will never do business with Gullkilden again. I purchased a gift for Lise's birthday at Gullkilden in Kvadrat, with the expectation it matched other jewelry that she already owned. I specifically asked if I could receive a refund if it did not match, and was assurred it would be no problem. Of course it did not match, so I returned it with the receipt two days later. I was only offerred in-store credit--- and was explained by a very adamant store clerk that they do not offer cash refunds (that it wasn't written on the receipt).

First of all, the receipt is issued AFTER purchase, so it is a bit dubious to use that as the basis for a return policy. Secondly, this simply cannot be legal. It was less than a week-- with the original receipt-- on an item in original condition (no engraving or anything). I am not particularly happy about this. Norway return policies are weak to begin with--- but this place has no return policy at all.


Becky said...

Welcome back to Blogland!

filtersweep said...

Thanks. With two small kids, there just hasn't been much time lately.