Tuesday, June 13, 2006


My favorite city in the world is officially Barcelona. It is simply amazing. The weather is perfect, as are the beaches and the people. I never really considered Spain before- as a country or as a people. I will retire here. It is unfortunate that I cannot spend more time here-- and that Lise couldn't be here with me. But I will definitely return with her.

I am a little surprised how few people speak English-- but it hardly matters. I have been able to shop across the street from the convention, take taxis, eat out, etc. without problem.

As a business trip, the results have been remarkable. I have been working non-stop, from 7am until midnight, but we are generating huge leads for sales and partners. After the first night we considered it a complete success.

I won't belabor the point, but I love this city. It is like Paris on the Medeteranean, or however you spell it. Oh, and it is in Spain. Prices are a little spendy here-- but I need to remind myself that despite the Spanish language and the palm trees-- this aint Mexico. Pack up our belongings and send for Lise. I want to stay.


Anonymous said...

The Banjo Brothers once spent a week in Barcelona. Great city. You're spot on.

Banjo Brother #2

E Fresh said...

When Banjo Brothers and friends went there over Thanksgiving of 1999, it was CHEAP (pre-Euro, I think, and the dollar was king). Couldn't get enough of the Gaudi buildings and the food/wine/etc. If you go back, check out monastery on the mountain outside of town, a short train ride away. Barcelona still stands as my favorite city.