Friday, June 09, 2006

Week in Review

Busy, BUSY week. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday I checked out appliances for our new house (we move next week). Wednesday we purchased a dishwasher, fridge, and stove-- and they were not cheap compared to US prices. I recognize no brand names around here. We ended up buying an Asko refrigerator and dishwasher, and some other odd Nordic brand for a stove.

Afterwards we met up with some friends and went to a comedy show, Puppetry of the Penis. It was part of the Norwegian Humor Festival. They played to a packed theater. It is exactly what you think- except they really don't use any accessories. Two ordinary Australian guys played with their "equipment" on stage-- usually making animal shapes. At least it was in English. Actually, there was absolutely nothing sexual about it, and it was quite hilarious. I have to give them credit for making a living out of this-- tickets were about $50US. Doing the math, these guys are making out like rock stars. We caught their show in Stavanger, but they are playing in Sandnes as well-- in a community-owned theater. And while their website is censored, the local media had no trouble printing the full-frontal in the news-- the Eiffel Tower, if I recall.

Last night we had a gaming night and pizza party at work. We all played a crazy network battle game. My boss, the best boss in the world, pulled me out of a meeting a little earlier and just gave me a Garmin GPS unit. We needed a door prize for our Barcelona event, and I was thinking a GPS would be interesting, since it isn't something everyone already has and it fits with the idea of what our software does (helping businesses find their way). I mentioned it was probably the only gadget on my wish list. So he just gave me one! Very cool and very unexpected. I have been very busy applying for government grants for a new initiative-- and if I weren't doing it, he would be.

All of my print jobs came together at the last minute. We leave for Barcelona at 6am Sunday-- but before we go, I have a massive mountain bike race tomorrow. I have been fighting a cold all week-- and riding very little. I am not looking forward to this. I wish I felt better. After work today we met a friend who we knew from Mpls-- she lived in Lise's building and was later in both or our weddings. It turns out her brother and his girlfriend are moving into the house across the street from where we are moving. It is a small town. It was beautiful outside, so we sat in the sun. We then headed to Sandnes so I could pick up my race number.

Now I just need to get ready to ride.

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