Friday, August 10, 2007

Week in Review

Today was my first proper week back at work since I don't know when. The first few days I had to drive, since I had meetings with a new partner. Wednesday evening I threw together the fixed gear and rode to work Thursday. I apparently installed the wheel "backwards" (it is fixed/fixed), and ran with the 15T cog. I didn't really notice until I had to ride home, which is mostly up hill. I was probably pushing about 75 gear inches, rather than my normal 70. Oddly, I grew accustomed to it, and left it unchanged for today's commute.

It looks like I am going to buy a set of tubulars from Sjur. I am somewhat apprehensive, since they are more of a hassle to cope with when they flat, but I rarely flat as it is, and there are options for fixing on the road. For the uninitiated, tubulars are tires that are literally glued to the rims, rather than having a bead that hooks on the rim. The "advantages" are rather arcane, especially for commuting. Then again, I am commuting on a fixed gear, so you might consider that I am not looking for the easiest or quickest way to accomplish my mission. But then again, I reach it in relative style.

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