Thursday, August 30, 2007

Purple Aeroheads

I acquired a pair of anodized Velocity Aeroheads courtesy of Lectron. I had something of a comedy of errors with this wheel build. Originally I began lacing the Formula hub to a FIR rim, before I realized the shop dude sold me a 32 hole hub, rather than a 36 as he had said. Next I mis-measured my hub and purchase the wrong size spokes, which SPIN was kind enough to accept back on return. I had concerns that this build was heading south, until I realized I had placed a spoke into the wrong spot on the hub. After sorting that out, it was smooth sailing. As I wound down to the last few spokes, I needed to grab an extra spoke for placing the nipple-- so I grabbed one of the spokes from the FIR/Record build. I compared length, just for the fun of it. It was exactly the same size. I had purchased new spokes for no reason. Oh well.
You can see my low budget truing stand- the bike itself, inverted, with a few nails held in place with rubberbands. Using the reflection as the wheel spins, I can see where I need to make truing adjustments. Somehow the wheel dish turned out fine, although I struggled with wheel hop more than I ever have. I ended up sorting it all out.

Yesterday morning it was raining. As this is my rain bike, I took it out for a test of its new rear wheel. I tossed a 17t cog on. It made for a high cadence, easy ride. This is a much smoother hub than either of my other budget fixed models.


augiepete said...

Purple?? Purple??
What's next, Ti everything????
J/ seems to fit your personality well. Take Care!!

filtersweep said...

Everyone knows purple is the fastest color.

lectron said...

Purple might be a faster color, but they can be pretty tricky to lace up - Constantly changing their ERD and all sort of things

giantcu92 said...

I'm so happy that you don't have a top tube pad. Nice wheel though.