Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reason for buying a new camera

I picked up a Canon EOS Digital Rebel camera in Virginia-- at a fraction of the Norway price. With a 4 gig card, we should be ready for anything. I don't know it well enough to give it a proper review, but it blows our pocket camera out of the water. This thing actually takes the photo when you press the button. Every image turns out well. With a mobile little kid, we need something that captures fast moving objects. This thing delivers.


Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. said...

Completely unrelated comment -- after more than a year, I just now figured out why I haven't been able to see the word verification and leave comments. You see, I've been a follower of your music career since the days when you were doing insane avante-garde pieces with dual tape decks and a borrowed JX-3P (I also knew the JX-3P in its shady earlier days when it was utilized for Night Ranger covers). So I originally clicked her through your music site. However, that method of entry somehow "frames" this site within the other site and makes the word verification into a big red X. (That also explains why, when I bookmarked your blog, I ended up with a link back to your music site.) For awhile, I guessed that I couldn't see the word verification because I didn't have the more recent security pack for Win XP. When I upgraded a few months ago, I was frustrated to find that it still didn't work. After all that, right-clicking "filtersweep" and selecting "open in new window" solved the problem.

filtersweep said...

Well, I won't even discuss the mayhem that will ensue if you enter directly through