Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In the Press

I am not particularly political, but every time I do anything remotely political it ends up in the press. Back in college, I ended up on the CBS Evening News when my roommates dragged me to a young Republicans event-- where we heckled Pete Dupont. Our involvement was heavily edited to make us look like complete idiots (I am still standing by that story). It was good for a few free beers later that evening.

Last night I went to a local Democrats Abroad event--- mainly to rub shoulders with some fellow Americans. A reporter and photographer stopped by to interview us, and we ended up in the paper. My head can be clearly seen in the photo. Fortunately, we did not spend too much time on politics, but rather socialized generally. I was rated as "friend-worthy" since I am married to a Norwegian. There is some super-secret expat club made of half and half couples. We are more desirable as friends than the completely American couples who work in the oil business--- they are generally just passing through for a few years, and have no real commitment to the community. I met a really cool younger couple (as in our age) and several interesting people detached from their spouses for the evening, as was I. Lise was home with Julian.

Perhaps the most incredible part of the evening was as we made introductions, when I said I was from Minneapolis, a woman mentioned she had been there. It turned out she was related to my high school basketball coach from my hometown in Iowa, and had visited him there on a few occasions. Her maiden name was the same as his last name. It is truly a small world.

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