Friday, June 20, 2008

Gatwick Ordeal

OK, ordeal might be a bit strongly worded, but our return flight from London was delayed by more than two hours last night. As scheduled, we were to arrive back in Stavanger shortly before midnight. As it was, it was after 2am. With such a late arrival, there were no taxis, which resulted in a 40 minute wait. I made it home around 3am. There was a big hole in the clouds, showing a brightly lit sky. I did not sleep well, and what little sleep I managed was interrupted by the garbage truck. I ended up rolling into work around 11am. All in all, I have been lucky with my travels. Still, it is quite bothersome when a one and a half hour flight is delayed by two hours-- and at Gatwich, no less. There was so much construction noise that my ears are still ringing.

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