Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Long Commute

I biked out to the ferry from work yesterday. I was a bit unsure of the best route from work. To ensure timely arrival, I tossed a wheel with a 15t cog on my rain bike--- as it was raining when I left for work. I couldn't imagine taking the 17t all the way to the ferry landing.

I planned on giving myself an hour--- this would account for traffic and maybe getting a bit lost--- since it is illegal to bike through the tunnel or on the freeway (the normal route). This meant I would have to catch my usual route somewhere along the way--- the usual bike route. The bike route involves several roads that are for bus and bikes only--- so I am out of practice how to access them, and they are poorly marked. In other words, I need to take the back roads.

I ended up cutting it closer than I thought--- taking 53 minutes. Had I missed this ferry, the next one left about three hours later. I was a sweating, stinking mess when I arrived in Kvitsøy.

Given that we are having a very nasty storm, I will likely toss the bike in the back of the car and catch a ride home.

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