Sunday, July 16, 2006

First Fixed Ride of the Year

I few weeks ago I built up my fixed gear-- rebuilt it, actually. Today I took it out for a ride, and it was such a heavy gear on these hills that I thought I had the wheel in backwards (with the 15t cog). I stopped and counted the teeth. I actually was using the 16t cog. Anyway, I took the flattest ride I could for an hour and a half. This is definitely not fixed country.


EuroCrash said...

I rode my SS for the two years I lived in Stavanger. 52x16, admittedly there were a few hills I couldn't take (one going up to the university) but as soon as I new the different routes well I would know how to "attack" it. Today I'd probably use a much smaller gear!

filtersweep said...

I don't have much choice when I live at the top of a hill. I think riding mtn bike has spoiled me-- it is the only triple setup that I have, and I could climb a wall with it.

I think when I readjust, I won't have much of a problem with fixed. For all the riding I have done this summer, my legs were dead when I pedalled the mtn bike to work.

I work near the university- albeit at the bottom of the hill, so I don't need to climb it.