Sunday, July 09, 2006


You would think everyone is Italian after the World Cup final. I hope to get some sleep despite the constant horn honking outside. Zidane's headbutt sealed my decision to pull for Italia. Funny how Wimbelton took a back seat to soccer today.

It has been very strange hearing so much English spoken here. I am normally rather self-conscious about speaking English in public-- and very sensitized to hearing it. Also surprising is how many foreigners there are. I have encountered very few native speakers working in the service industry.

Tomorrow work begins. I scouted out the location so I can take the tube there, but it was so hot that I might take a cab and take the train back. AC is a rarity here, and oddly enough, the temps became hotter the lower we went.

I really like this city. It is crazy how many people live here-- feels more dense than NYC, but nothing on the scale of an Indian city.


Kevin said...

Zidane's headbutt was awesome. Materazzi had it coming... who knows what kind of trash that idiot was spewing out of his mouth... but he twisted Zidane's nipple... it's on the tape. The refs didn't see anything. They saw the reply in the stadium and threw the red card based on that. Zidane got screwed. France got screwed. Good luck w/ work.

filtersweep said...

What a crazy game on so many levels. I think it would have been better to let the entire head butt go. It isn't like they re-ran the tape to the nipple twist.

It will be interesting to see what sort of karma falls upon Materazzi.