Sunday, July 02, 2006

Great Neighborhood

Yesterday, I went on a nice road bike ride, then we went downtown for the sand volleyball tournament. We returned and I stopped in across the street at a World Cup party hosted by our neighbor, who invited me when he saw me out earlier. Almost immediately after arriving home, the doorbell rang. It was our neighbor next door who was inviting us over. They were with another couple who lived another house down the street. They were all about our ages, and very interesting, cool people. We somehow found the energy to stay until 2am.

I was lamenting our internet, that conked out again. I am now using my neighbor's wireless- THANKS! We should have our internet sorted out soon enough.

Today it was HOT-- like actually 80F! I went on a long mountain bike ride in the forest. I was in heaven. I guess there can be some summer weather here. When I returned, I sat out on our deck with Lise, then caught the tail end of the Tour de France-- which is broadcast live in its entirety here. No Cyclism or drawn out commercials--- just great race coverage.

Anyway, we really came out as winners in upgrading our neighborhood.

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