Monday, September 08, 2008


I am back in Boston- 80 degrees and sunny skies. I experienced the longest trip imaginable as we apparently went around whatever is left of the hurricane. We literally flew south into Boston, meaning we flew in an "L" rather than the normal straight line. I guess that is better than flying through a nasty storm.

When I arrived at my hotel, the cheap Hilton I always stay at, I experienced my newly elevated status as a Gold Elite Hilton member. This hotel room is embarrassingly huge--- larger than any apartment I ever had-- and it costs the same as a normal room. For my free perk, I chose internet access. They have an excellent breakfast buffet here, but I much prefer my spartan "breakfast" of a triple shot of espresso and maybe a scone at a coffee shop. Any breakfast involving cooked meats slows me down too much.

Tomorrow I head up to Maine for a meeting. Tuesday I relocate to a different hotel for an event we are sponsoring that lasts until Thursday. I then settle back in here and have a customer meeting on Friday. In the middle of all of this I am hiring a new person and am preparing for the following week's London trip. I return to Norway Friday evening. I will be home before I know it.

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