Monday, September 15, 2008

News flash

We just had an ultrasound today and are expecting a daughter on Valentine's day. My wife doesn't like the name Valentina, so I am back to square one. Julian should be happy to have a little sister.

Watch List

On a different note, I had a few glitches with my recent travel to Boston. I couldn't check-in online when I left Norway. At the airport, it turned out there was a "comment" on my case, and the agent had to phone KLM in Amsterdam. When I was in Boston, I was told I had to stop at the transfer station back in Amsterdam. This has happened once before--- no big deal. It usually just means that they couldn't book a seat at that time.

At the transfer area, I couldn't handle the transfer at the kiosk, so I entered the cattle queue. When my turn at the window finally arrived, the woman asked if I had any problems before. I recounted my issues in Norway, and asked what the problem was. She said my name was on a watch list. This makes no sense. For those of you who know my name, you know how absurdly common it is. Why would they not use something a bit more unique--- like a passport number? Oh well--- it is apparently only a problem for me in the Netherlands, and I made it home.

Random Brush with Fame
On the plane, a very tall, vaguely familiar looking woman was seated right in front of me. Then it suddenly occurred to me: it was Kathrine Maaseide. When I told Lise about seeing her on the plane, she said she was surprised I even knew who she was. I told her that she was wearing very low-cut jeans, and leaning over. I recognized her by the tattoo on her bum. A sad commentary, I know. But we are talking about Olympic beach volleyball.


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Congrats on the new baby!

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