Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Half-week in Review

I was greeted by a winter-cold Monday with a flat tire on my ride to work. Fortunately it was an easy rim/tire combination that required no tire levers to change. It appeared to be a pinch flat from the tell-tale snakebite pattern. I was ready to go within minutes, when I heard the new tube hissing. I quickly checked the tire for debris, found none, and popped a new tube in and was on my way again. Riding home, I ended up flatting about a kilometer away, so I walked. I apparently have a problem that requires a bit more time to sort out, and I am not interested in burning through yet another tube. The rest of the week I simply rode a different bike. I am generally diligent about locating the sources of my flats, but in my rush to bike to work I sometimes cut corners--- and besides, it had every appearance of a pinch-flat.

Some people cannot wait for the weekend when at work. For me, it seems I never have enough time. I have been working like a madman to prepare from my London trip on Monday--- only to find out it was rescheduled yet again. I am not happy. This is the second time they have rescheduled, and the second set of flight tickets that are burned up. Flying to London is so cheap and easy from here that it is generally more economical purchasing cheap, non-refundable seats. On the other hand, if they are canceled twice, I might need to reconsider. But I am more bothered by my wasted time. I will be going sometime in the future--- a few months from now. So my next trip is to California in early November-- when the weather here is at its absolute worst.

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