Monday, January 26, 2009

Exploded shifter

This morning I opted to ride to work entirely off-road. It is a rather byzantine route, through a forest, around the NATO base, up a hill, across a farmer's field, down a service road, across more fields, and through the woods. As I was tearing down the service road in the predawn hour, I was vaguely aware that I really couldn't see where I was riding. At that moment, my entire rear shifter fell apart. I skidded to a stop and begin a frustrating search for the shift lever. Eventually I found it in the dirt and gravel. I resumed my commute in my lowest gear-- the default. It was a long ride in.

This evening I went down to reassemble the watch-like parts yet again. When I started lining up the lever, I noticed I had nothing to line it up with. Both levers had fallen off. I only searched for one. There would be no rebuild. It is below freezing-- I need this bike with the studded tires tomorrow. Looks like I will be limping in again.

I consulted my online options. I had no hope that a local bike shop would sell a lone rear shifter, and it was a good time to upgrade anyway. This shifter never really worked as advertised-- or perhaps I am spoiled by my crisp Dura Ace performance. I consulted a duty-free Swedish online shop. It would cost a small fortune-- like 700kr for a set. I checked my UK connection--- 191 kr--- beneath the 200kr threshold. Duty free for me. Paying the COD and import duty would nearly double the price. Let's hope they don't include shipping in the customs declaration.

It will be a rough week or so riding in on a "3-speed" mountain bike--- but I figure I could be dispatched to the hospital any day now. Julian should have a sister any day now.

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