Monday, January 12, 2009

Maintenance Weekend

We are in the dead of winter-- rain, rain, and more rain. Late last week I noticed my rear tire wasn't holding air, my bike wasn't shifting so well, and the front brake was a bit weak. I expected I would need to replace the pads (for a disc setup), but it turned out the fluid reservoir was missing a screw, and I was leaking fluid. Topping it off fixed the problem, but I will need to find a new screw somehow. The rear tire turned out to have a leak from an old patch, so I patched the patch. We will see how well that works out. I disassembled the shift mechanism and gave it a quick fix. I really should replace the entire shifter, but at least I can use it now. It has a bad spring. Commuting is hell for bikes.

Of course this morning it was quite warm. Very windy, but warm. I rode the regular wheel set, rather than the studs. What a difference that made. I just need to make sure I replace the winter wheels before it is too late and I crash on some ice again.

Julian ran a fever over the weekend, and wasn't quite himself. So far this is the worst thing about being a parent--- dealing with him when he is sick. It is not that he is so difficult to handle, but rather that there is so little that we can do to make him comfortable. We managed, and he was better by Sunday and went to daycare today. I picked him up, and found him and a bunch of other two year olds all sitting around a table with Play-Doh. He wasn't too motivated to leave.

Other than that, I am starting to feel like we are just waiting for the baby to come. We are almost at the point were it could be anytime. This week we have our meeting at the hospital-- but it seems like we just had Julian's meeting, and I doubt there is anything new. This time we have the added dimension of having someone take care of Julian during the birth. Overall, we are quite ready.

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