Friday, April 08, 2005

Back from Paris

Paris was incredible. My wife and I have both been to Paris, but not together. It was the perfect getaway. We didn't feel the pressure to see everything, and I'm sure we will return soon. Beautiful weather. It was strange traveling to Europe and NOT seeing my wife's family. On the other hand, it was wonderful taking a trip together, with no one else.

I really don't know how people bike in this city. It isn't particularly "bike friendly." I didn't see any fixed gear bikes, and the single speeders looked like they had coaster brakes. The road bikes were usually ridden by a commuter in jeans, or an old guy wearing a pro jersey about three sizes too small. Or maybe I kept seeing the same old road guy?

Time to saddle up the bike and ramp up some intervals. Vacation is over!

A proper Parisian commuter.

A proper Parisian commuter bike.

A street at night. Obviously.

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