Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Opus Crit- Week One

We had the first of a series of crits Tuesday night- it is more or less a training series, although licenses are required to race. It is a points series that goes only 3 deep- with points on laps 3, 6 and double points for the finish (should be lap 12). Our team, such that it was after so many people upgraded last year, was three of us wearing the same jerseys introducing ourselves prior to the start.

Anyway, it is a fast circular office park course, for the most part- nothing technical about it, except something of a bottleneck as two lanes merge into one. The race began quite fast, especially for the first of the season. A chunk of the field wasn't seen again after the start. Usually they have a lumbering start- but not this time. I'm feeling pretty good and decide to make a play for some points on the third lap, so I move up on the last turn, catch a lot of wind as all hell breaks loose and everyone starts sprinting like crazy weaving all over the place. I knew right away that I was clearly out of my depth against guys whose thighs were as big as my waist and didn't come close to any points.

Things settled down and I quickly recovered and I just hung in for a mid-pack pointless (no pun) finish. A few guys tried to break away during the race, but it was an exercise in futility.

I raced this series last year, and I felt stronger and better the other night than any time last season- which is progress. But I am convinced there is no hope for a non-sprinter in a race like this. I'd like to keep things interesting. As is, this is decent interval training, and it least it stopped raining.

I'm the guy in the red shorts.... on the right.

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