Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mystery Bike

This is my commuter/rain bike/night bike... it rides like a Cadillac.

I found the frame already painted, so it is something of a mystery bike. The rear and fork appear to be chromed, and it has very nice dropouts. The rear is spaced at 126, so it can't be too old. It is a faily refined frame, and it offers a plush ride. I'd love to know what it really is.

I didn't want to get too carried away, as this is my winter commuter. It has an AC seatpost, Deda Murex stem will El Toro bullhorns, a nice Campy headset and hubs, and mismatched Ambrosio and FIR rims. I'm riding with Armadillos for the winter. They ride like garden hoses, but who wants to change a flat in this weather? It is also set up for winter gearing as a 39 X 16. The matching rim with a 14 is taking the winter off. I'll throw a 42 or 44 on when it warms up a bit. The brake is 105 with a no-name lever.

I'm running full fenders and lights on this bike. I find that it really extends the riding season. No comments on the reversed front wheel please- the dish is such that it fits the fender better this way. The Eggbeaters are nice in the snow, otherwise I usually run road pedals. I have another fixed gear that is much more minimalist, but it was too wet to drag it outside for a photo, and a basement mugshot just won't do it justice.

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