Sunday, April 24, 2005

Searching for another old frame

Today has been a strange day: six hours of taking a series of tests of a federal job with only one fifteen minute break. Perhaps they were testing the effects of hypoglycemia on potential employees. Actually the tests were very interesting, and I'd be happy to share details if I weren't sworn to secrecy.

After the test I returned home to a chilly wind, and took a bit of a bike ride to scrounge for an old frameset for my wife, who has become afflicted with the sudden interest to commute 40 miles round-trip to work. I offered to build her a single speed to preserve her nice road bike from the extra wear and tear.

I rode to Carlson's Cyclery, where earlier this spring I picked up a nice Schwinn Prologue frameset on the cheap (see below). Oddly, they had another Prologue in the same size as mine, with the cryptic tag, "Odd Geometry." The frame was only $49. I asked what he meant by odd size (and I'm thinking the paint is beautiful). He pulled it down and compared it to a standard frame, and immediately I could see it was a TT frame- of the funny bike style- and it had no fork. Oh well-- at least my wife will appreciate that I didn't buy yet another bargain that I didn't really need. Oh, I almost forgot: they had nothing in her size.

Scrounging is half the fun.

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