Wednesday, May 17, 2006

17th of May

NRK, the main TV network, broadcast this weekend's "celebration" from Minneapolis. With a few carefully chosen camera angles, they made it appear there were a lot of people in Loring Park. We saw a friend from the consulate. Also, the weather looked no better than what we have in store for us today.

After seeing a few interviews with Norwegian-Americans, I wonder what Norwegians really think.


RennyBA said...

At first: Happy 17th of May!
I saw the program and tought it was interesting. It seams that they are more Norwegian than we are over there:-)

filtersweep said...

It is a little strange. A few weeks ago on Typisk Norsk, they featured Minnesota. They started in Mpls and headed toward Fargo. They encountered all sorts of oddballs along the way. I think they are hooked into a vision of Norway passed down by a great grandparents- a Norway that existed 100 years ago. In most respects, Norway is more modern than the US. And most Norwegians that I know don't spend all their free time practicing folk arts (or eating lutefisk).

Happy 17th of May!