Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long,Strange Trip

OK, it really wasn't that long, but I had the most surreal cycling experience in my life tonight. The weather was a balmy 56 degrees- first ride out in shorts (no knee warmers). I took the road bike around Sandnes. I recalled they were paving the road to Li, so I thought I would see if it was finished. It was-- and it was beautiful. As I neared the split by Hommersok, I contemplated making a loop by continuing to the right-- but the road lead straight down to sea level. I chose the road less traveled- the left fork that actually went to Li- a place with maybe 50 people.

The blind corner hid the fact that this too went straight down to the water, although the pavement was in rough shape. I took it easy, as it was one lane wide at this point. Eventually I ended up at a tiny docking area for boats. I looked across the fjord to downtown Stavanger, which seemed impossibly far away- considering how little distance I had actually traveled. I was maybe 12 miles from home at this point. I ate a Clif bar, took a drink, and headed back up.

The road was very steep and narrow at this point. There was no traffic anywhere when I rode down-- it is basically a dead end road that stops at the water. By the time I was heading up, I saw maybe 40 to 50 well-dressed women holding little Norwegian flags-- standing in the middle of the road- in the middle of nowhere. They were at the steepest point in the road- nowhere near an intersection or driveway. As they saw me, they divided into a gauntlet- two columns along each side of the road. As I rode by the all started cheering, smiling, and waving their flags. I couldn't help but laugh- but I still have no clue what they were doing there. I presume they were setting up to greet someone- but who? And why? Anyway, thank you- whoever you are, for possibly the strangest random biking moment to date.

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Sparky Dog said...

are you sure you weren't dreaming. I think I had a dream like that once and Pamela Anderson... (pre baywatch) came out and... uh... anyway. That is pretty wacky.