Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ascension Day

Tomorrow is a national holiday- meaning no work. It was cold today- maybe 10c. Somehow mountain biking is preferable on these kinds of days. I am preparing for an 86k race along the North Sea in early June- and will be using the mtn bike. It isn't a proper mtn bike race- meaning it isn't a technical race, but it isn't a road race either. My legs are still killing me from the mammoth hike on Sunday.

Tonight we went to the Da Vinci Code in a packed theater. I will spare you a full review, other than to say it was rather spotty and overly expository. Then again, the book itself was completely disjointed. I never understood why it was so popular. To me, it was a beach read in Mexico- and probably the only "best seller" I have ever read. Actually, as a movie, it was the only Tom Hanks movie I have seen in a theater. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about.

When we left at 11:45, it was still light out. Not daylight, but bright twilight. The sun will be rising again in about four hours. I will probably end up manic this summer, or at the very least, develop seasonal insomnia. We have another month of increasing daylight. This is unreal.

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