Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17th

We spent the holiday on Kvitsøy, all dressed up. Julian did reasonably well keeping himself clean. He is completely obsessed with balls--- has to sleep with one or two, and won't go anywhere without one. He is not even a year and a half, but I believe he is a budding soccer player.

The weather was relatively clear. We saw a few flurries on TV during the Oslo broadcast. We can still see snow in the mountains off in the distance.

Kvitsøy is a bit more family friendly for the seventeenth. A year ago my parents were visiting, and we watched a seemingly unending parade downtown Stavanger. Here, everyone was actually in the parade-- including us. Julian was not bored in the least.

Julian had a fun time. We changed him into his PJs for the ferry ride home so we could put him to bed as soon as we arrived home. He was practically bouncing off the walls--- too much cake and ice cream. He is finally asleep.

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