Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have been a bit lazy about posting lately. I attribute it to a few factors. For some reason, my postings drop off before I take a trip. Next week I had back to the US for seven days.

US Trip
My father is receiving a kidney transplant-- from a donor cousin. It is a truly generous gift. From my perspective, it is a pleasant departure from some of the other medical procedures my parents have been through. This is a quality of life improvement, rather than a life-saving operation. In other words, people generally "want" to have a new kidney (more than they want bypass surgery, for example).

Other Travels
I am somewhat apprehensive about my return from the US--- as my visa expires this weekend and there is a huge backlog at UDI. A year ago they very nearly didn't let me board my return flight, since I had no return ticket TO the US. This hiccup was created by the NWA ticketing agent--- not some government official. I believe NWA uses advanced psychological testing to screen for only the meanest, most stubborn individuals.

On a different note, I have heaps of frequent flier miles. I looked paying for an economy ticket, and using my miles for a business class upgrade. The trouble is, this only works for full-fare ticketing-- and full fare costs nearly as much as a cheap business class ticket to begin with (and the flight selection was severely limited for being able to upgrade).

I don't see any way I will make it to India before summer. I have been asked to go to London for the better part of a week in mid-June. A week later we will vacation in Spain, and then it is off to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Oslo, where nearly everyone we know will be (including a few American friends). Julian will stay with his grandparents on Kvitsøy during that trip.

I cannot remember the last time it rained. Lise informs me that it has been over a month. I have been biking to work daily-- on my fixed gear. I remember when I resurrected it, after nearly abandoning it due to all the hills here. I even tried out a 17T cog to make things easier. After the winter when I was forced to ride fixed while the mountain bike was on the disabled list, I believe I have adapted to the hills quite well. Not only have I been riding the 16T, but I am contemplating using the 15T. I believe the 14T is safe--- I could barely use that in Minnesota.

I took Julian out for a ride in the trailer over the weekend. I am a more confident in the trailer, and went on a longer off-road ride (on gravel--- not single track). Julian slept through the entire ride, which offered quite a workout (1300 feet of elevation, pulling a kid). He didn't look comfortable, but I assume he wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise. The following morning he tried to crawl into the trailer as I was preparing to bike for work. He must enjoy it at least somewhat.

Graduate School
I believe spouses of graduate students should receive an honorary degree. Lise pointed out that I will statistically live longer (since she is smarter). Regardless, she is doing exceptionally well, although we will all be happier when finals are finished. She will be working as a researcher for a summer job.

One of the perks about graduate school is that I am "forced" to spend more one-on-one time with Julian. He is not yet a year and a half old, and only speaks a few words, and yet is the funnest person to be around. He now takes my hand and tries to lead me wherever he wants to go. He picks out the food he wants. I spend as much time with him outdoors as possible, and am fascinated as I watch him explore the world. It is amazing how interactive someone who is pre-verbal can be. I really hate the thought of leaving him for work travel.

House Painting
It needs to be done this summer. I am dreading it. Enough said.

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