Tuesday, May 06, 2008

OK Shape

Most of my riding has consisted of commuting, but I dug out the Look and have taken a few road rides. Over the past few years I set up a baseline time trial-- almost exactly 20 miles with over 1000 feet of elevation gain. Of course wind and traffic can come into play, but for the most part, it ends up being man against gravity. As a former flatlander, I initially reconsidered using a double chain ring, but having ridden fixed so much in these hills, it is now tolerable. The other night I went out and kept my informal TT under 1:15. Not feeling particularly inspired I rode it even faster last night. I might be a few kilos heavier than I want to be, but family definitely comes first. And besides, I am not that far out of shape. A few hill intervals and I could be riding crits---- if we had them around here.

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