Friday, April 13, 2007

Flat Tire

My new slicks already had a flat rear tire. I was severely disappointed in the durability- one commute and a few rides- until I removed it and found the stem was separating from the tube. There will be no patching involved. I ripped the stem out so I would not attempt to reuse it by mistake.

I took the opportunity to tune up the shifting. Derailleurs have always been a mystery to me. I read up at Park Tool, and played around with a few adjustments. I am convinced I have this better tuned than the day I purchased it. We shall see-- in a few minutes as I head off to work.

I worked from home on Wednesday. I seem to have a cold that attacked my ears. I get these once a year. They greatly affect my balance, but I end up with no other symptoms. Yesterday I drove to work. Today I feel much better, although I can feel it a little in my chest. I would almost rather be full-blast sick than have limited symptoms and among the walking. Having half a cold is like being in limbo- and it certainly does not invite any sympathy from others.

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