Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happiness is a New Wireless Router

I have been having issues with my wireless internet. This morning I could not access the internet at all from my laptop, so I tried the wired connection up in the loft. Nothing. This defied logic. I could not even see the wireless option, so something was amiss. I looked at the router, and none of the lights were on. I checked the power connection, everything appeared to be connected. I wiggled the wall wart power cable-- no shorts. I pulled out my multitester to see if any juice was passing through the power converter, but I couldn't register anything--- the plug was very thin, and I chalked it up to poor contact.

Here was my dilemma: this was a little over a year old-- and maybe under warranty. I did not know if the router was fried, or if the power supply was bad. It was on odd plug and 4.5 v-- very non-standard. I had nothing to test it. I bagged it all up and headed to the Elkjop, where I had purchased it. The computer repair station was closed, and the sales floor had no unboxed units I could use for testing. I decided to just buy a new one. As I searched the box for its warranty info, I noticed that I had a lifetime warranty. I am sure that means I have to send it in, and would be without one for an indeterminate time. The trouble is, both IP phones require the router, and all of our internet connections go through it. My plan was to return the new one to the store if it was only a bad power supply.

I arrived home, and tested the old one with the new power supply-- nothing. The router was bad. At least I made the right decision. I hooked up and configured the new router, and plan to have the old one fixed under warranty. I can always sell it. It had me thinking about what a racket a lifetime warranty is on an essential item. On the other hand, I have had very little computer hardware "go bad" on me.


Lectron said...

Happiness is-next-door-neighbour-working-at-a tele-company has got a wireless router

filtersweep said...

I borrowed a neighbor's connection for awhile when we first moved here, but we are dependent on our own connection when we have two IP phones. The upside is that Telenor doesn't receive a dime, or kroner from us.