Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A few random notes- I am off work until next Tuesday for Easter. This is one of the perks about living in a church state.

I tossed some 1.6" slicks on the extra mountain bike rims. The bike looked silly-- almost like a car with four donut spares. But it was silly fast and silly quiet on pavement and gravel. The reduction in rolling resistance was amazing. I went out for a test ride today. The tires don't have a very nice ride-- these are bullet-proof Continentals with wire beads. They feel more like plastic than rubber. Since I didn't have my laptop with me, I rode down some stairs that had been teasing me for weeks. There is quite a psychological barrier to riding down steps-- my strategy was to have my hands nowhere near the brakes-- and it worked just fine. Now I need to work on riding up.

Julian has been wonderfully entertaining, as always. It is incredible to be able to spend this much time with him. I should probably take more video of him, but I don't want to experience his childhood through a camcorder viewfinder.

Elijah the cat is enthralled with a nature show about bears on NRK. The crazy bear cubs are sledding down the side of a mountain. Nothing is quite as odd as watching a cat watching TV.

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