Saturday, April 28, 2007


You cannot win. A kid was hit by a bicyclist and injured. It looks like a strange story. A female cyclist struck a four year old. She stopped and asked if they were OK. The mother said they were fine. She took off and was on her way. The kid was injured worse than originally thought and they took him to the hospital. For some reason, the police want to speak to the bicyclist. I wonder if they pay this much attention when a driver injures a cyclist? The transportation policy around here is to build bike paths that are separated from the lanes of motorized traffic. In the US, we would call them sidewalks. We all know how safe that is.

On a better note, the authorities are already looking into adding speed bumps and reducing speed along Jåttåveien, the stretch of road where the fatal accident occurred. It is about time. In another article in yesterday's paper, a resident of the area cited how many accidents have occurred on that road.

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