Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Baby Passport

Julian and I had a great time last night. There actually was a terrible guy movie on-- Metro with Eddie Murphy. It received an awesome 5.2 stars out of 10 at IMDB. I don't recall machine guns or helicopters, but it does have Michael Wincott, if that counts for anything. I was amazed how quickly the night flew by-- especially considering I had an early start. Who knew that a 2 month old could keep me so entertained? I was seriously looking forward to hanging out with Julian alone, and he did not disappoint. I think it was nice for Lise to feel a little freedom to be able to get away for more than a few minutes.

Today, Julian had his passport photo taken. He looks so little and so serious in the photo. He is required to have his mouth closed, and it really changes his appearance. It looks like a little baby mugshot.

Speaking of photos, we had about 209 digital photos printed out for only 1 nok each. I couldn't even buy paper and ink for that price. They turned out wonderfully, but the accurate aspect ratio of digital camera looks a little odd. I like the 35mm film ratio better-- they are more rectangular than the squarish prints of digital. Maybe I am just old fashioned. Then again, I grew up during the instamatic era, when prints were even more squarish. It was strange going through the photos, that turned out very well, by the way. Julian was so tiny when he was born. It is amazing how quickly he is growing.

It is below freezing and snowing now. I must remember to swap out the tires in the morning. I had the brilliant idea that I will put slicks on the winter wheels for city riding during the non-winter months. Tonight summer seems impossibly far away.


Lectron said...

I must remember to swap out the tires in the morning. I had the brilliant idea that I will put slicks on the winter wheels
Yes, thank you. Just took of my studded tires....
Not exactly one of my most brilliant moments

filtersweep said...

It was nasty this morning-- cold, windy, snow... I liked it. At least it was dry!

Do you keep your studded tires on separate wheels?

Lectron said...

Yepp, but a wider rim so I have to adjust the brake.

I have to considder putting them on a 19mm rim as well. Gives them a rounder profile so not as safe on flats, but on the other hand better cornering.

Another solution is of course to purchase one more bike ;-)

filtersweep said...

You really should have a mtn bike. You'll never feel compelled to clean it.