Saturday, February 10, 2007

Innebandy (Not Hit by a Bus)

Yesterday we had our innebandy tournament at the sports hall down the street. I was "volunteered" for this post-work activity-- having never played it before. It didn't seem too complicated-- basically three-on-three floor hockey. I played mostly defense-- but with only three people, we were all over the place. Our first game we tied. The second was brutal-- there was a rather psychotic player from the opposing team who was into full contact. During the game he ended up flipping out, screaming, throwing his stick against the wall. I am not one to be incited to the point of violence, but he was so abusive on the court that I am quite certain a fight would have erupted had he not been ejected from the game. This also ended in a tie-- and afterward, I thought the hot head might be coming over to apologize, but no. He was emphatically trying to offer excuses for his behavior. Game three we ended up losing. We were all exhausted. We didn't make the playoffs, which was fine-- as Lise and I had dinner plans at the neighbors.

Today I could barely move. My shoulder are bruised up from the contact, my legs sore from all the running around, and my back in worse pain that it was before. It hadn't been doing too well from biking-- I can't ever really stand when I ride on ice. I stopped by the hardware store to pick up some tubing so I could bleed the brakes. I finally finished popping the new pads in, and I should be ready to ride to work Monday. Tomorrow we head to Kvitsøy for Mother's Day-- but I am most excited for Lise and her first Mother's Day.

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