Monday, February 19, 2007


This morning was very foggy. I didn't give it much thought as I prepared to leave, but I could hardly see the edge of our terrace in the back yard. Each day grows 5 minutes longer, meaning in less than two week we have more than an hour more sunlight. I took my time getting ready so I wouldn't bike in darkness and extreme fog.

As I set off, I wondered if school was out today. I believe it is winter vacation here, where everyone is supposed to go to the mountains to ski. There were none of the usual kids running all over the place walking to school. Despite my recent posts regarding our neighborhood crime wave, this country is a ridiculously safe place to live. I see kids of all ages walking to school, which seems even more dramatic in the pre-dawn darkness of winter. Most kids wear reflective vests, and some even carry flashlights or have ski headlamps as they walk through the woods to school. I swear some of these kids look so tiny that I fear they are walking to day care!

As I went down the big hill to take the back road to work, I realized how cold the fog was. While the temperature was just above freezing, and there was no wind, this was one of the coldest commutes I can recall. It was a strange fog-- very thick, but it didn't cover me in mist as fogs often do. As I rode to work I lamented the fact that I haven't been riding for fun at all lately. I cannot remember the last time I rode anywhere when it wasn't transportation. Of course, having a cute two month old at home is better than doing anything at this point in time. Tonight I have him all to myself as Lise is heading out to see a play. She is having a girl's night out. I told her Julian and I will have a guy's night in- beer, cigars, and watching movies with machine guns, helicopters, and explosions. We will probably skip the cigars. And the beer. And the bad movies.

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