Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Seriously Ill-Prepared

This morning the temperature was hovering just above freezing. There was slushy snow outside, but nothing major. I opted to use the regular wheel set for my ride in. It was not big deal.

While at work, it started snowing, the temperature dropped, and the snow accumulated. It was going to be an interesting ride home without studded tires. I somehow managed, but there were some very slippery spots. I was amazed how well regular 2.1" mtn bike tires get by on regular snow, but I was slipping and sliding on icy pavement. I avoided as much pavement as possible, and made it home in one piece.

When I arrived home, Lise's mother and great-aunt were visiting. Lise's mother had asked me to fix her bike, which wouldn't stay in gear. I had asked if the gears were on the inside or outside, and was told "outside." I said I could fix it. Of course the bike ended up having an internal Nexus 3-speed hub. I was out of my league, but did my best-- and there was no way to test ride it. It seemed to not be skipping. Who knows. Those are such bulletproof hubs that it is quite possible that it is back in good form. I also tossed on the studded tires. No worries tomorrow morning.

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