Thursday, February 08, 2007


I was looking at the package of "blue mold cheese" literally translated, and once again, I was reminded how direct (and efficient) the Norwegian language is. Nobody in the US could conceive of marketing a blue mold cheese product. Rather, we prefer all sorts of sensitive euphemisms. This mentality permeates much of the rest of the culture as well. People tend not to be so superficially nice as in the US. That works for me, as I tend not to respond well to empty praise. Hey, it tastes the same no matter what you call it.

I tore apart my rear disc brake after stopping by the bike shop to pick up a new set of pads. I was shocked to find that the old pads were nonexistent. Unfortunately, they are the wrong type. I also lost a bit of brake fluid in the process--- hey, I'm new to this disc brakes on bikes thing. I guess I will need to drive to work tomorrow. I had earlier packed up the winter tires in the back-- and I mean back. Lise was going to take the car in, and we were worried about the child seat in the back. I was able to load all four tires behind the back seat of the station wagon in this cavernous car. There are no seats to fold down. I guess I will leave work a little early to have the tires swapped. I will be spending the afternoon playing innebandy- which is some sort of floor hockey. I am sure that I will feel every year of my age by the time I am finished. This is work related-- some sort of tournament for our office park. It is being played in a sports hall next door to home-- so I have no excuse. I was literally drafted for this duty. I guess I can take one for the team.


EuroCrash said...

Though not as fancy, I'd recommend mechanical disc brakes (Avid) they are a lot easier to maintain and brake just as well.

filtersweep said...

Funny you should mention that. Last night when I was struggling to remove the old pads, I loosened the bolts that held the two halves together. I mean, it was a logical step, right? Well, brake fluid started dripping all over the place. I now need to buy more fluid--- and maybe a bleed kit.

After all this work, I am considering changing the brakes on our car--- they need to be changed, and it can't be any more difficult, can it?