Saturday, February 24, 2007


This is a bit late, but Thursday is wind night here in Stavanger. Last week was the same situation. I wouldn't notice this sort of thing if it were not for the fact that Friday morning is garbage pickup, and the wind blows the dumpsters all over the street. This Thursday was particularly bad, and the recycling bins, which were not due for pickup, were banging against our bedroom wall all night. I don't sleep particularly well when the wind is howling at 50mph. I think it has to do with my midwest American upbringing where we never had wind for the sake of wind. If we ever had this kind of wind, there was usually a particularly destructive storm attached to it. The other night was dry wind. Wind and only wind. No rain, no thunder, no lightening- nothing but wind. Apparently it was bad enough that they evacuated one of the oil platforms around here. I don't think I would feel any safer in a helicopter under those conditions, but I am guessing that a small boat would feel even worse.

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Pete said...

You Europeans are so organized. Imagine scheduling a night of the week for wind! ;-)